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Almonds Sorting Plant
From the late 1990s, Field Produce has been handling the processing, including cleaning, shelling, splitting and sorting, of Israeli almonds of various varieties and sizes.

The company has two sorting facilities, which provide comprehensive solutions for handling almonds: one in the north of Israel, in Ram On, and the other in the south, near Arad. The facilities employ the most advanced American technology, for cleaning, shelling and splitting the nuts, and also employ electro-optical sorting machines and metal detectors.

In addition, the almonds are vacuum-packed, thus ensuring the long-term freshness and quality of the almonds This process is strictly quality controlled, to ensure that the product reaches the customer in the best and most efficient way. The company cooperates fully with the growers, starting from the field crop stage, up to final sorting in the sorting facilities.

In addition, the company acts together with other growers and marketers in this branch, in order to brand the Israeli almond and its uniqueness make it stand out compared with the American almond, in Israel and worldwide. We are including the Israeli almond as part of the basket of company products that we export to Europe.

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