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Beer Sheva
Sorting Plant
Israel supplies about 10% of annual European consumption of peanuts, estimated at 80,000 metric tons. The high quality of Israeli peanuts and their bright color, due to the sandy soil of the western Negev, make them unique and in high demand in Europe.

About 65-70% of the peanuts grown in Israel are intended for export, and the rest are sold in the domestic market. Field Produce is one of the veteran companies in Israel in the area of field crops, and has been the leader of the peanut production branch for 55 years, in both the Israeli and European markets.

The company is Israel's leading exporter of in-shell premium peanuts and has a strong and well-known brand name in the European markets. Field Produce exports to Europe about 6000 ton of in-shell peanuts, comprising 70% of the total Israeli export; the rest are intended for the domestic market, the big marketing chains and leading roasting houses.

The company has made long-term agreements with loyal growers, ever since the company was first established. The company is heavily involved in the cultivation of peanuts, starting by sending a field inspector from the company, who supervises the harvesting stage and makes ongoing checks for fractures, throughout the process.

The peanuts undergo strict sorting by state-of-the art sorting systems, and manual checking of every peanut in the quality control room. The sorting facility is of the most sophisticated type used in Israel. Electro-optical equipment is installed on all the production lines.

The company continuously invests in equipment and quality control, in order to maintain its leading position in the branch. The produce is shipped abroad in big bags or jute bags. For the domestic market, the company provides in-shell peanuts packed in jute bags, and peanut kernels in vacuum packs. These factors explain how Israeli peanut production and Field Produce Ltd. have become such a success.

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