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Dates Sorting Plant
Field Produce has started to market dates in the last few years, as part of its vision concerning the development and growth of the date market in Israel and worldwide, and its intention to expand and develop the basket of products offered to its customers.

The company operates two sorting and packing facilities, located in the heart of the date cultivation area. These facilities meet the high standards required by the company's customers in Israel and abroad, and include strict quality control. Field Produce chose to establish a marketing company, which specializes in this unique field, under the name "Field Produce Marketing Ltd.," using the Brand name that is well known from marketing peanuts in Europe.

The company markets different varieties of dates: Medjool, known for its high quality worldwide, Barhee, Hayany and Deklet Noor, and it exports to Europe about 70% of the produce; the remaining  produce is sold to the domestic market.

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