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Field Produce International B.V
Golden Peanuts Egypt 
In light of the current demand for peanuts abroad, and the lack of further cultivation capacity in Israel, due to land and water limitations, Field Produce decided to participate in a peanut marketing project, exporting Egyptian-grown peanuts to Europe.
For this purpose, Field Produce, together with a large and well-known Egyptian agricultural company, established an international marketing company, named Field Produce International B.V., which is located in the Netherlands.

Field Produce International B.V. operates under the successful Field Produce brand name, and is based on the existing marketing setup in Field Produce Ltd. Field Produce is also involved in the Egyptian peanut sorting process, through a subsidiary company called Golden Peanuts Egypt.

The company has built a new sorting facility in Egypt, based on the vast experience and knowledge accumulated over many years from operating sorting facilities in Israel, and employing the most modern peanut sorting equipment. The sorting method and quality are of the same high standard as found in our Israeli facilities.

Field Produce operates in the area of cultivation of peanuts and other crops in Egypt, for export to the European market.

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