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Field Produce Marketing
Field Produce Marketing LTD exports a vast variety of produce grown in Israel, yet trades produce from around the world as well. The company is a leading supplier of dates, and with in our expertise, are the species varieties grown in Israel, that enables us to offer a wide and premium product range, along with a year-round availability of this world-renown fruit.
By creating a loyal marketing structure for our suppliers - joined by the solid backbone of our mother-company "Field Produce LTD" along with its 55 years of experience and financial abilities – we, at Field Produce Marketing LTD, stand firm and proud behind the quality of our products, our logistics system, and our loyal and personal service, which are the core of any successful business relationship – local and international and what Field Produce Marketing LTD is all about. 
As a renowned and chained company, the company is able to deal with a wide range of products with accordance to our various clients needs. 
The company's quality assurance system is among the strictest in the world, and covers all stages from planting and growing, through sorting, packing and delivering.
This ensures that our products meet the highest health, safety, quality, and environmental standards in the industry.

Field Produce Ltd.
5 Hamesila St., P.O.Box 4525, 84144 
Beer Sheva 84144
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