Our Peanuts

We lead the peanut market in Israel, and receive each year at our plant in Be’er Sheva about 14,000 tons of In-Shell Peanuts (about 60%-70% of the peanuts grown in Israel each year).  We export to Europe premium peanuts representing more than 60% of the net quantity received at our plant each year, and more than 80% of the quantity of peanuts that Israel exports to overseas markets. Our main peanut export target markets are Western European countries, primarily: Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Our Dates

We believe in the management and control of the entire value chain, and accordingly we operate a date packing and sorting facility that is located in the heart of the growing area and that is a leader in its field, using the best available technology. This institute conforms to the highest standards demanded by the company’s customers in Israel and overseas and involves careful quality and implementation of the strictest standards in the market, at the highest level.

Our Almonds

We have been operating in the almonds field since 2000 and receive at our plants in northern and southern Israel about 5,000 tons of unshelled almonds each year, constituting more than 20% of the almonds grown each year in plantations in Israel. We provide growers shelling, peeling, sorting and marketing services.

 Almonds are domestic market oriented, but in recent years we have been able to increase the quantities of almonds that we export to overseas markets.

International Shipping

We are in a strategic region near the Mediterranean Sea, which allows us to send fresh, high quality goods to various markets worldwide by air and by sea every week.

Most of our products are shipped by sea, using leading global shipping companies, which ship our products in 20 or 40 foot containers, dry or refrigerated (minus 18 degrees), according to customer needs.

Who are we?

Field Produce started is activity in 1955 as a partnership of Tnuva and Hamashbir Hamerkazi. Later, Livnat Group, Gaon Holdings (a public company) and the Martziparo family purchased shares in the company and became a partnership in the company. The company leads the field of peanuts, dates and almonds in Israel and overseas, and exports about 65% of the produce that it markets. 

The company has a many years of close ties with leading customers in the world: Marketing chains – Migros, Co-Op and others, leading roasting houses in Europe and marketers of dried fruit, which have been purchasing the company's best products for many years.  The company has four plants in Israel: in Be'er Sheva, Tel Arad, Ram On and in Yafit. The company's sorting, packing and peeling facilities are among the most sophisticated in their field. All production lines have electro-optic equipment installed, and the company invests in first class high quality equipment and the highest standards of quality control to maintain its lead in these sectors.

Many growers have been working with us since the company was established in 1955, to the present. We consider growers to be strategic partners and the most important link in the value chain.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to our customers and manage our plants in accordance with the strictest food quality and safety standards: BRC, FSSC 22,000, HACCP, ISO 9001 and organic.

In order for our products to leave our plant at the highest quality, we perform careful daily quality control checks on our products and work in adherence to the strictest standards.

Our packaging materials are suited for contact with food and our traceability system allows us to track the product throughout its stages – from the time it reaches the plant until it reaches the customer. Our traceability system allows us to track the product throughout its stages – from the time it reaches the plant until it reaches the customer.

Our Customers Include

We work with a wide range of customers in Israel and around the world who enjoy the best service and product on the market.

Our Quality Standards

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