Our Dates

We believe in the management and control of the entire value chain, so we operate a state of the art date packing and sorting facility that is located in the heart of the growing area, using the best available technology.  This institute conforms to the highest standards demanded by the company’s customers in Israel and overseas and involves careful quality and implementation of the strictest standards in the market.

We specialize in treatment, processing, sorting and packing of dates for overseas marketing under the “Paradise Dates” brand. We market a number of varieties of dates and focus primarily on the medjool variety, which is known for its high quality and which is in high demand worldwide. About 80% of the produce that we receive at our plant is marketed for export and the rest is sold domestically.

Each year we receive about 2,500 tons of dates, primarily of the medjool variety, and work with leading export and domestic market customers, including with leading retail chains.

We are able to provide the customer all packing solutions and all date types at a range of qualities, from 150 gram cases to 5 kg cases, according to customer requirements.

Also, we market a large quantity of organic medjool dates, grown and supervised to the highest standards, with ongoing quality control throughout the growing process.

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