Our Peanuts

Key Figures

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of the total number of peanuts grown in Israel are sent to us for processing and marketing


tons of peanuts each year are processed at our manufacturing plant in Be'er Sheva each year

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of peanut exports from Israel is done by us

We lead the peanut market in Israel, and receive each year at our plant in Be’er Sheva about 14,000 tons of In-Shell Peanuts (about 60%-70% of the peanuts grown in Israel each year).

We export to Europe premium peanuts representing more than 60% of the net quantity received at our plant each year, and more than 80% of the quantity of peanuts that Israel exports to overseas markets.

Our main peanut export target markets are Western European countries, primarily: Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Packing Solutions

In-Shell Peanuts

  • 30 kg jute sack
  • 30 kg polypropylene sack
  • 650 kg polypropylene big bag

Shelled Peanuts

  • 30 kg polypropylene sack
  • 50 kg polypropylene sack
  • 600 kg polypropylene big bag
  • 1000 kg polypropylene big bag
  • 25 kg vacuum pack

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