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Key Figures

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Out of the almonds grown in Israel, our plants receive


tons of almonds are processed at the company's plants in Ram On in the north and Tel Arad in the south


The year in which Field Produce started its almond production and marketing activity

We have been operating in the almonds field since 2000 and receive at our plants in northern and southern Israel about 5,000 tons of unshelled almonds each year, constituting more than 20% of the almonds grown each year in plantations in Israel. We provide growers shelling, peeling, sorting and marketing services.

The almond is a domestic market oriented product, but in recent years we have been able to increase the quantities of almonds that we export to overseas markets.

Packing Solutions

Unshelled Almonds

  • 30 kg polypropylene sack

Shelled Almonds

  • 30 kg polypropylene sack
  • 50 kg polypropylene sack
  • 700 kg polypropylene big bag
  • 25 kg vacuum pack

Our Almond Plants

Ram-On plant – each year we receive about 2,500 tons of almonds from almond growers in northern Israel. The plant operates to the highest standards, with advanced sorting machines and careful quality control. We have been working for many years with the same growers and know how to adapt the product to end customer needs.

Tel Arad plant – at the Tel Arad plant we receive about 2,500 tons of almonds each year from almond growers in southern Israel. The plant operates using advanced electro-optical sorting machines, following strict quality standards and the highest level of quality control. The company is a partner in the plant as part of a strategic partnership with one of Israel's major almond growers – FP Mount Hebron, which is known for the quality of its almonds.

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